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authorAlan D. Brunelle <>2009-08-14 13:00:27 -0400
committerAlan D. Brunelle <>2009-08-14 13:00:27 -0400
commitdbb8d92dc5d3d61fca94c8eef3636bc4044deda2 (patch)
treed0ce988973c023e3363851eb535eff174462d6f8 /btt/trace_complete.c
parent1e09f6e9012826fca69fa07222b7bc53c3e629ee (diff)
Added in running stats for btt
Create an overall system and per-device statistics file containing MB-per-second and I/Os-per-second values. Format for each file is first column contains an (integer) time stamp (seconds since start of run) and a (double) value. File names are: sys_mbps_fp.dat - system-wide mbps (for all devices watched, of course) sys_iops_fp.dat - I/Os per sec Each device watched will have a file with the device preceeding the _mbps or _iops section of the above file names.
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/btt/trace_complete.c b/btt/trace_complete.c
index 6f616bc..d34fbd0 100644
--- a/btt/trace_complete.c
+++ b/btt/trace_complete.c
@@ -55,13 +55,15 @@ static void handle_complete(struct io *c_iop)
struct list_head *p, *q;
__u64 d_time = (__u64)-1;
FILE *pit_fp = c_iop->dip->pit_fp;
+ double cur = BIT_TIME(c_iop->t.time);
update_cregion(&all_regions, c_iop->t.time);
update_cregion(&c_iop->dip->regions, c_iop->t.time);
if (c_iop->pip)
update_cregion(&c_iop->pip->regions, c_iop->t.time);
- aqd_complete(c_iop->dip->aqd_handle, BIT_TIME(c_iop->t.time));
+ aqd_complete(c_iop->dip->aqd_handle, cur);
+ rstat_add(c_iop->dip->rstat_handle, cur, c_iop->t.bytes >> 9);
dip_foreach_list(c_iop, IOP_Q, &head);
list_for_each_safe(p, q, &head) {