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btreplay: fix device IO remap functionality
Commit dd093eb1c48e ("Fix warnings on newer gcc") moved string buffers holding device names during map file parse stage to stack. However, only pointers to them are being stored in the allocated "struct map_dev" structure. These pointers are invalid outside of scope of this function and in a different thread context. Also "release_map_devs" function still tries to "free" them later as if they were allocated on the heap. Moving the buffers back to the heap by instructing "fscanf" to allocate them while parsing the file. Alternatively, we could redefine the "struct map_dev" to include the whole buffers instead of just pointers to them and free them as part of releasing the whole "struct map_dev". Fixes: dd093eb1c48e ("Fix warnings on newer gcc") Signed-off-by: Ignat Korchagin <> Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <>
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