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[PATCH] Added blkrawverify utility
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@@ -126,6 +126,14 @@ $ verify_blkparse filename
the events in the file are correctly time ordered. If an entry
is found that isn't ordered, it's dumped to stdout.
+$ blkrawverify <dev> [<dev>...]
+ The blkrawverify utility can be used to verify data retrieved
+ via blktrace. It will check for valid event formats, forward
+ progressing sequence numbers and time stamps, also does reasonable
+ checks for other potential issues within invidividual events.
+ Errors found will be tracked in <dev>.verify.out.
If you want to do live tracing, you can pipe the data between blktrace
and blkparse:
@@ -142,7 +150,6 @@ the network with eg netcat:
Which will send the traces from tracehost to parsehost over the network on
the defined port number.