2014-04-11 Jens AxboeFix leak on error path in extend_file()
2014-04-11 Jens AxboeFix leak of file descriptor in error path of bc_calc()
2014-04-11 Jens AxboeFix leak of string when doing parse dryrun
2014-04-11 Jens AxboeFix directory leak in recurse_dir() on error
2014-04-11 Jens AxboeFix leak of 'error' if we don't assign it
2014-04-10 Jens AxboeFio 2.1.8 fio-2.1.8
2014-04-10 Jens Axboeblktrace: fix missing line return in dprint()
2014-04-10 Jens Axboeiolog: check for thread termination in long delays
2014-04-10 Jens AxboeMake cache invalidation a soft error
2014-04-10 Christian Ehrhardtfio: fix s390 timing for older machines/binutils
2014-04-09 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-04-09 Jens AxboeAdd exit_on_io_done option to the CPU IO engine
2014-04-09 Jens Axboeiolog: skip max_bs[rw] increment for rw == DDIR_INVAL
2014-04-09 Jens Axboediskutil: fix potential out-of-bounds array write
2014-04-09 Jens Axboeserver: fix fd leak in error case
2014-04-09 Jens AxboeIncrement open file count manually
2014-04-09 Jens AxboeRevert "Fixup ->open_files if not given"
2014-04-08 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-04-08 Jens Axboeblktrace: probe IO depth
2014-04-08 Christian Ehrhardtfio: fix s390 nop
2014-04-08 Christian Ehrhardtfio: fix s390 time accounting
2014-04-06 Jens AxboeSupport limited mixed command line options and job...
2014-04-06 Jens AxboeFixup --timeout command line option
2014-04-06 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-04-06 Jens AxboeFix crash in setup_files() if no files are defined
2014-04-04 Jens AxboeMakefile: add doc target to generate PDFs from the...
2014-04-03 Bruce CranFix JSON_INTEGER overflow on Windows by changing dataty...
2014-04-03 Jens Axboeparse: fix crash with empty FIO_OPT_STR_STORE variables
2014-04-03 Jens AxboeUse setvbuf() for log writing
2014-04-03 Jens Axboeiolog: invert log_mask bits
2014-04-03 Jens Axboecrc: add test.h header to test.c
2014-04-03 Jens AxboeCleanup the parallellized log writing
2014-04-02 Jens Axboeiolog: don't serialize the writing of all logs
2014-04-02 Jens AxboeAdd 'f' (Finishing) flag to status output
2014-04-02 Jens Axboemutex: add open init function and down_trylock() variant
2014-04-02 Jens AxboeDon't crash when using filehash lock before init
2014-04-02 Jens AxboeAdd missing crc/test.h file
2014-04-02 Jens AxboeFix propagation of error value on failure to connect...
2014-04-02 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'erwan/clang' of
2014-04-02 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'erwan/nobasename' of
2014-04-02 Erwan Veluio_u: Using initialized local variable
2014-04-02 Erwan Velustat: fixing bw_agg reporting
2014-04-02 Erwan Veluiolog: Keep full path for logs files
2014-04-02 Jens AxboeCleanup symbols that should be static
2014-04-01 Jens AxboeFile pre-read lseek error check
2014-04-01 Jens AxboeAdd alloc_new_file()
2014-04-01 Jens AxboeEnsure we inherit global latency/bw log settings
2014-04-01 Jens AxboeProperly protect already-allocated file list
2014-04-01 Jens AxboeProperly initialize shadow_fd to -1
2014-04-01 Andrey KuzminFix bug in freeing of duplicated files
2014-03-31 Jens AxboeFio 2.1.7 fio-2.1.7
2014-03-28 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-03-28 Jens AxboeFix wrong time conversion on --status-interval= command...
2014-03-25 Jens Axboeserver: unlink sock file if interrupted early
2014-03-25 Jens Axboeserver: dump where we attempted to bind in case of...
2014-03-25 Jens Axboeserver: correct comment typo on port being after ':'
2014-03-21 Castor FuPass -Wstrict-prototypes -Wold-style-definition, whitespace
2014-03-20 Jens AxboeDon't re-create/unlink write file for append workload
2014-03-20 Jens AxboeUnlink after file close
2014-03-18 Jens AxboePrevent file_append=1 with IO engine that can't extend...
2014-03-17 Jens AxboeUpdate file_append documentation
2014-03-17 Jens AxboeAdd support for file appends
2014-03-15 Jens AxboeUpdate documentation on zero_buffers / scramble_buffers
2014-03-14 Jens AxboeDon't scramble buffers if compression is enabled
2014-03-14 Jens AxboeBump length of description field to 256 chars
2014-03-13 Jens AxboeDisable status file updates on error
2014-03-12 Jens Axboestat: fixup fio-dump-status file location
2014-03-12 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-03-12 Jens AxboeUpdate documentation for filename/directory
2014-03-12 Jens AxboeAdd exceeds_number_ios() helper
2014-03-11 Jens AxboeTry a little harder to honor number_ios more accurately
2014-03-11 Sébastien Bouchex... Fix pointer alignment bug causing SIGBUS on Sparc64
2014-03-06 Stefan HajnocziDetect Windows operating system in ./configure
2014-03-06 Stefan HajnocziHonor ./configure --cc= option
2014-03-06 Jens AxboeFio fio-
2014-03-05 Jens AxboeFix compile on CentOS/RHEL5
2014-03-04 Jens AxboeFix typo in fio_cpu_count()
2014-03-03 Jens AxboeFio 2.1.6 fio-2.1.6
2014-03-03 Puthikorn VoravootivatFix verify_only option not working properly
2014-03-03 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-03-03 Jens Axboesolaris: fixup new cpuset functions
2014-03-03 Jens AxboeSilence 'io_u might be used uninitialized' warning
2014-03-03 Jens Axboeserver: fix warnings on some platforms on incompatible...
2014-03-02 Bruce CranWindows: add install directory to the Path environment...
2014-03-01 Jens AxboeAdd runstate swap helpers
2014-03-01 Jens AxboeUpdate cpus_allowed_policy=split documentation
2014-02-28 Jens Axboecpus_allowed_policy fixups
2014-02-28 Peter Oberparleiterfio: fix last block never being touched by random offsets
2014-02-28 Jens AxboeFix off-by-one bug in CPU split mask handling
2014-02-28 Jens Axboewindows: fix fio_cpu_count() definition
2014-02-28 Jens Axboewindows: add proper header for hweight64()
2014-02-28 Jens AxboeUpdate IO engine version
2014-02-27 Jens AxboeAdd support for cpus_allowed_policy
2014-02-26 Jens AxboeBranch and cache miss speedups
2014-02-26 Jens Axboeblktrace: load improvements
2014-02-25 Jens AxboeFixup ->open_files if not given
2014-02-25 Jens Axboenet: fix accidental overwrite of more than just the...
2014-02-25 Jens AxboeFix crash with --debug=file and NULL file return
2014-02-25 Jens AxboeEnsure that fio_get_kb_base() doesn't assume 'data...
2014-02-21 Jens AxboeUnify the time handling