2016-03-07 Jens Axboerand: use bools
2016-03-07 Jens AxboeAdd the sample JESD219 job file
2016-03-07 Andrey Kuzminio_u: speed up __get_next_buflen()
2016-03-07 Jens Axboeoptions: improvements to parse dry run
2016-03-07 Jens Axboeoptions: finish merge of bssplit/rand zone code
2016-03-07 Jens Axboeoptions: unify the bssplit/zone split code
2016-03-05 Jens AxboeFix double free of td zone state index
2016-03-05 Alan CLog to parent instead of twice to child td
2016-03-04 Jens Axboeoptions: clean number of zones if we fail parsing
2016-03-04 Jens AxboeAdd support for zones of random IO, with varying freque...
2016-03-03 Jens AxboeUpdate documentation for random_distribution=gauss
2016-02-26 Jens AxboeAdd support for preadv2/pwritev2
2016-02-25 Jens Axboeioengines: account any queued IO on the engine side
2016-02-25 Jens Axboebackend: ensure that fio_io_sync() commits IN on queued...
2016-02-24 Jens AxboeAllow IO engine driven allocations of IO structures
2016-02-13 Andrey KuzminAllow for the include file specification to be relative.
2016-02-12 Jens Axboefio.1: man page fixes
2016-02-12 Jens AxboeUpdate documentation
2016-02-10 Jens Axboeserver: don't make SO_REUSEPORT errors fatal
2016-02-09 Jens Axboediskutil: don't print terse disk util twice for json...
2016-02-09 Jens Axboediskutil: fix segfault for both json and terse output
2016-02-05 Jens Axboeio_ddir: io_ddir_name array should be static
2016-02-05 Andrey Kuzminfio: fix copy/paste error in io_ddir.h
2016-02-04 Jens Axboelog: add support for logging max instead of averages
2016-02-04 Jens Axboestat: cleanup average logging
2016-02-03 Eric Whitneyfio: fix ignore_error regression
2016-02-03 Robin H. Johnsonlibmtd: compile fix for linux header changes.
2016-02-03 Robin H. JohnsonMakefile: false positive on _FORTIFY_SOURCE
2016-01-31 Jens AxboeAdd a note of what is the default value for random_gene...
2016-01-28 Jens Axboeserver: send trigger state inline
2016-01-28 Jens Axboeclient: fix double removal of client on job file open...
2016-01-27 Jens AxboeFio 2.6 fio-2.6
2016-01-26 Jens Axboeserver: split vectored commands into fragments
2016-01-26 Jens Axboeserver: disable pdu length check for now
2016-01-26 Jens Axboeclient: remove debug printf() for compressed iolog
2016-01-25 Dan Qing Zhangpowerpc: fix cpus_online() to get correct max CPU numbe...
2016-01-22 Bruce CranFix Windows build: define rand_r()
2016-01-22 Jens AxboeMakefile: fix duplicate strcasestr for windows
2016-01-22 Jens Axboeserver: use the wrapped MSG_DONTWAIT
2016-01-21 David Disseldorpioengine: remove duplicate queue handler check
2016-01-21 Jens AxboeFio 2.5 fio-2.5
2016-01-21 Jens Axboemutex: fix double unlock in fio_mutex_down_timeout()
2016-01-21 Jens Axboeinit: fix compile for FIO_INC_DEBUG not being set
2016-01-21 Jens AxboeFio 2.4 fio-2.4
2016-01-21 Jens Axboeinit: increment stat count if parent == default thread
2016-01-20 Jens Axboeclient: fix non-text command leak
2016-01-20 Jens Axboeclient: drain text output when exiting
2016-01-14 Jens AxboeFix issue with termination before io_size has been...
2016-01-14 Jens Axboeio_u: ensure that we align new start offset properly...
2016-01-13 Jens Axboet/verify-state: one more printf type fix
2016-01-13 Jens Axboet/verify-state: fix type for printf
2016-01-13 Jens AxboeDestroy sk_out server key when we are done
2016-01-13 Jens AxboeAlways create server sk_out key
2016-01-12 Jens Axboeoptions: fix bs_cmp()
2016-01-08 Andreas Pieskuse option smalloc_pool_size
2016-01-07 Jens Axboet/verify-state: add helper to inspect verify dump state...
2016-01-07 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'master' of git://
2016-01-07 Jens Axboeverify-state: forward declare io_u
2016-01-07 rootDisable libaio for ESXi build - bug#80
2016-01-07 Jens Axboeverify: split out state header code
2016-01-07 Jens Axboeserver: sk_out exit error handling
2016-01-07 Jens Axboeconfigure: lex force off
2016-01-07 Jens Axboeserver: include name of verify file requested for error...
2015-12-30 Jens Axboeoptions: move pattern_fmt_desc where we need it
2015-12-30 Jens Axboeoptions: we don't need the crc32c verify include
2015-12-30 Jens Axboeoptions: split out option grouping code
2015-12-30 Jens Axboeoptions: make the groups/categories constant
2015-12-30 Jens Axboeconfigure: add --enable-lex
2015-12-29 Jens Axboeconfigure: check if lex requires/fails with -o for...
2015-12-29 Jens Axboet/dedupe: silence bogus warning on 'bytes' being used...
2015-12-29 Jens Axboet/genzipf: fix for strcasestr missing
2015-12-29 Jens AxboeFix included getopt locations
2015-12-28 Jens Axboelib/pattern: include oslib/strcasestr.h
2015-12-28 Jens Axboeclient: rename send_file() to fio_send_file()
2015-12-23 Jens AxboeFio 2.3 fio-2.3
2015-12-23 Jens Axboegfio: use ffz64 for 64-bit types
2015-12-23 Jens Axboearch: add ffs64 and ffz64
2015-12-23 shoichi.sawada... Fix runtime of terse output
2015-12-22 Jens Axboebackend: continue on failed wait_for() check, not break
2015-12-22 Jens Axboegfio: update for 64-bit option category/group
2015-12-22 Andrey KuzminAdd support for waiting for other jobs by name
2015-12-22 Jens Axboeparse: ensure that option group/category hold 64-bit
2015-12-22 Fabrice Bacchellarewrote libhdfs engine
2015-12-21 Jens AxboeMake options mask a 64-bit type
2015-12-21 Jens Axboebackend: only terminate multiple loops if we did no IO
2015-12-19 Jens Axboebackend: count iterative bytes for progress
2015-12-18 Jens Axboeserver: command tag cleanup
2015-12-18 Jens Axboeserver: don't store command tag on the stack
2015-12-18 Jens Axboeclient: iolog cleanups
2015-12-17 Jens Axboeserver: code cleanups
2015-12-17 Jens Axboeserver: remove leftover debug statement
2015-12-17 Jens Axboeconfigure: fix zlib typo
2015-12-17 Jens Axboeclient/server: transparent handling of storing compress...
2015-12-17 Jens AxboeFix compile warning for !zlib
2015-12-17 Jens Axboeclient/server: various bug fixes
2015-12-17 Jens AxboeEnsure that command line options also end up in json...
2015-12-16 Jens Axboegclient: don't free pdu on iolog return
2015-12-16 Jens Axboeclient: fix double free of command on timeout
2015-12-16 Jens Axboeverify: dump failed header, if verification fails
2015-12-16 Jens Axboeparse: fix segfault if posval option doesn't have a...