2021-10-25 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'evelu-peak' of
2021-10-25 Erwan Velut/one-core-peak: Don't report errors if missing NVME...
2021-10-25 Erwan Velut/io_uring: Fixing typo in help message
2021-10-25 Erwan Velut/one-core-peak: Reporting SElinux status
2021-10-22 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'master' of
2021-10-21 Bart Van AsscheAndroid: Add io_uring support
2021-10-19 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'patch-1' of
2021-10-19 Sweet Tea Dorminyt/fuzz: Clean up generated dependency makefiles
2021-10-19 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'fixes_1290' of
2021-10-19 Ryan HardinUse min_bs in rate_process=poisson
2021-10-17 Vincent Furun-fio-tests: make test runs more resilient
2021-10-17 Shin'ichiro... t/zbd: Add -w option to ensure no open zone before...
2021-10-17 Shin'ichiro... t/zbd: Align block size to zone capacity
2021-10-17 Shin'ichiro... t/zbd: Do not use too large block size in test case #4
2021-10-17 Shin'ichiro... zbd: Fix type of local variable min_bs
2021-10-17 Shin'ichiro... zbd: Remove cast to unsigned long long for printf
2021-10-16 Rebecca Cranengines/http.c: add fallthrough annotation to _curl_trace
2021-10-15 Pankaj Raghavt/io_uring: Fix the parameters calculation for multiple...
2021-10-14 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'evelu-typo' of
2021-10-14 Erwan Velut/io_uring: Fixing typo
2021-10-14 Jens Axboet/io_uring: include a maximum IOPS seen when exiting
2021-10-13 Jens Axboet/io_uring: don't append 'K' to IOPS if we don't divide...
2021-10-13 Jens Axboet/io_uring: update for new DMA map buffers API
2021-10-12 Jens Axboet/io_uring: add test support for pre mapping DMA buffers
2021-10-12 Jens Axboet/io_uring: fix silly identical branch error
2021-10-12 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'evelu-onecore' of
2021-10-12 Jens Axboet/io_uring: show IOPS in increments of 1000 IOPS if...
2021-10-12 Erwan Velut/one-core-peak: Improving check_sysblock_value error...
2021-10-12 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'windows-res' of
2021-10-12 Brandon PauporeQuery Windows clock frequency and use reported max
2021-10-11 Jens Axboeio_u: don't attempt to requeue for full residual
2021-10-09 Jens Axboet/io_uring: fix latency stats for depth == 1
2021-10-07 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'evelu-ocp' of
2021-10-07 Erwan Velut/io_uring: Add -r option to control the runtime
2021-10-07 Erwan Velut/one-core-peak: Reporting RETPOLINE & PAGE_TABLE_ISOLATION
2021-10-06 Erwan Velut/one-core-peak: Reporting kernel cmdline
2021-10-06 Erwan Velut/one-core-peak: Reporting BLK_WBT_MQ
2021-10-06 Erwan Velut/one-core-peak: Reporting BLK_CGROUP
2021-10-05 Jens Axboet/io_uring: get rid of old debug printfs
2021-10-05 Jens Axboet/io_uring: print submitter id with tid on startup
2021-10-04 Jens Axboet/io_uring: clean up aio wait loop
2021-10-04 Jens Axboet/io_uring: check for valid clock_index and finish...
2021-10-04 Jens Axboet/io_uring: don't track IO latencies the first second...
2021-10-04 Jens Axboet/io_uring: don't print partial IOPS etc output if...
2021-10-04 Jens Axboet/io_uring: add support for legacy AIO
2021-10-04 Jens Axboet/io_uring: remove extra add_stat() call
2021-10-01 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'evelu-fixes2' of
2021-10-01 Erwan Velut/one-core-peak: nvme-cli as optional tooling
2021-10-01 Erwan Velut/one-core-peak: Report numa as off if missing
2021-10-01 Shin'ichiro... Refer td->loops instead of td->o.loops to fix loop...
2021-10-01 Shin'ichiro... Revert "Fix for loop count issue when do_verify=0 ...
2021-10-01 Jens Axboet/io_uring: correct percentile ranking
2021-09-30 Shin'ichiro... zbd: Fix unexpected job termination by open zone search...
2021-09-30 Jens Axboet/io_uring: store TSC rate in local file
2021-09-29 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'patch-1' of
2021-09-29 ravisowmyaFix for loop count issue when do_verify=0 (#1093)
2021-09-28 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'sigbreak' of
2021-09-28 Brandon Pauporeadd signal handlers for Windows SIGBREAK
2021-09-26 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'onecore' of
2021-09-26 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'evelu-fio' of
2021-09-26 Erwan Veluone-core-peak: Reporting NVME features
2021-09-26 Erwan Velut/one-core-peak: Reporting kernel config
2021-09-26 ByteHamsterPick core for running t/
2021-09-26 Erwan Fixing bash
2021-09-26 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'tsc' of
2021-09-26 Erwan Veluone-core-peak: Adding option to reporting latencies
2021-09-25 Erwan Veluone-core-peak: Avoid reporting Unknown memory speed
2021-09-25 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'evelu-uring' of
2021-09-25 Erwan Velut/io_uring.c: Adding \n on help
2021-09-25 Jens Axboet/io_uring: batch stat updates
2021-09-25 Jens Axboet/io_uring: add support for latency tracking
2021-09-24 Jens Axboet/io_uring: don't print BW numbers for do_nop
2021-09-23 Jens Axboet/io_uring: ensure batch counts are smaller or equal...
2021-09-21 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'one-core' of
2021-09-20 Erwan Velut/ Adding script to run the one-core io...
2021-09-16 Jens Axboet/io_uring: fix bandwidth calculation
2021-09-16 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'bwps' of
2021-09-16 Erwan Velut/io_uring: Reporting bandwidth
2021-09-15 Jens Axboet/io_uring: add switch -O for O_DIRECT vs buffered
2021-09-13 Jens Axboezbd: remove dead zone retrieval call
2021-09-13 Jens Axboet/io_uring: add -N option for do_nop
2021-09-13 Jens Axboet/io_uring: don't require a file for do_nop runs
2021-09-08 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'ft' of
2021-09-08 Erwan Velulog: Removing useless assignment
2021-09-08 Erwan Veluzbd: Removing useless variable assignment
2021-09-08 Erwan Velulib/fls.h: Remove unused variable assignment
2021-09-08 Erwan Veluengines/sg: Removing useless variable assignment
2021-09-08 Erwan Velustat: Avoid freeing null pointer
2021-09-08 Jens AxboeREADME: add link to new lore archive
2021-09-08 Erwan Velufilesetup: Removing unused variable usage
2021-09-08 Erwan Veluengines/sg: Return error if generic_close_file fails
2021-09-08 Jens Axboet/io_uring: ensure that nthreads is > 0
2021-09-08 Andrzej Jakowskit/io_uring: allow flexible IO threads assignment
2021-09-08 Jens AxboeFio 3.28 fio-3.28
2021-09-08 Jens Axboet/io_uring: don't make setrlimit() failing fatal
2021-09-08 Andrzej Jakowskit/io_uring: fixes in output
2021-09-06 Shin'ichiro... options: Add thinktime_iotime option
2021-09-03 Damien Le Moalexamples: add examples for cmdprio_* IO priority options
2021-09-03 Damien Le Moalfio: Introduce the log_prio option
2021-09-03 Damien Le Moallibaio,io_uring: relax cmdprio_percentage constraints