2012-12-04 Jens Axboeoptions: add category/group to random_generator/random_...
2012-12-03 Jens Axboegfio: add check for unnecessary g_thread_init() call
2012-12-03 Jens Axboegfio: fix Makefile typo for cleaning gfio objs
2012-12-03 Jens Axboegfio: bad merge in Makefile
2012-12-03 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'master' into gfio
2012-12-01 Jens AxboeRevert "Change preferred default clocksource to gettime...
2012-12-01 Steven Noonanengines/net.c: fix compilation error due to missing...
2012-11-30 Jens AxboeWire up SIGUSR2 to kill blocking threads
2012-11-30 Jens AxboeChange preferred default clocksource to gettimeofday()
2012-11-30 Jens AxboeCache layout improvements
2012-11-30 Jens Axboenet: fix receiver start time
2012-11-30 Jens Axboenet: add basic ping/pong type workload support
2012-11-30 Jens Axboeverify: treat as failure if given verify type is differ...
2012-11-30 Jens Axboenet: sent udp open messages
2012-11-29 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'rand-map'
2012-11-29 Jens Axboesolaris: enable fadvise()
2012-11-29 Jens AxboeFix broken 'norandommap'
2012-11-29 Jens Axboeparse: fix wrong "might be used unitialized" warning...
2012-11-29 Jens AxboeWire up _weak posix_fadvise()
2012-11-29 Jens Axboenet: set runstate to SETTING_UP while waiting for a...
2012-11-29 Jens Axboenet: exit on WAITALL and !ret
2012-11-29 Jens Axboenet: fix segfault with receiver, tcp, and no hostname set
2012-11-29 Jens Axboelibfio: don't sent KILL signal to own process from...
2012-11-28 Jens AxboeAdd t/axmap tester
2012-11-28 Jens AxboeRename the bitmap to axmap
2012-11-28 Jens Axboebitmap: fix off-by-8 allocation error
2012-11-27 Bruce CranFix windowsaio IO error handling and document device...
2012-11-27 Jens AxboeFix compile for older Linux without mmap MAP_HUGETLB
2012-11-27 Jens Axboelfsr: crank it 128 times before using the sequence
2012-11-26 Jens AxboeEnsure that lfsr_init() is always called
2012-11-26 Jens AxboeAdd LFSR generator
2012-11-22 Jens AxboeRestore BUSY_OK bypassing of bitmap
2012-11-22 Jens AxboeKill now unused bitmap defines from legacy code
2012-11-22 Jens Axboebitmap: kill debug code
2012-11-22 Jens Axboebitmap: fix bit_masks[] for 32-bit compiles
2012-11-22 Jens AxboeRework file random map
2012-11-21 Aaron CarrollAdd support for Android
2012-11-20 Jens Axboememory: wire up mmap huge page support
2012-11-17 Jens AxboeUse unique seed for zipf/pareto init if rand_repeat...
2012-11-17 Bruce CranGenerate a new Windows installer product code for 2...
2012-11-17 Bruce CranAdd more examples to the Windows installer.
2012-11-15 Jens AxboeFio 2.0.11 fio-2.0.11
2012-11-15 Jens AxboeDocument random distribution
2012-11-15 Jens AxboeDisable random map automatically if a non-uniform rando...
2012-11-15 Jens Axboegenzipf: add help/usage screen (-h)
2012-11-15 Jens AxboeGet rid of -fno-omit-frame-pointer
2012-11-15 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'master' into gfio
2012-11-15 Vincent Kang Fut/genzfip: add -c option for csv output
2012-11-15 Jens Axboeserver: properly reset state_number in fio_reset_state()
2012-11-15 Jens Axboeserver: properly reset stat_number in fio_reset_state()
2012-11-14 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'master' into gfio
2012-11-14 Jens Axboeclient/server: fixup "All clients" reporting
2012-11-13 Jens AxboeGet rid of uninitialized_var()
2012-11-13 Jens AxboeFix wrong return type on td_error_type()
2012-11-13 Jens Axboee4defrag: fix always true comparison
2012-11-13 Jens Axboejson: fix off-by-one in memory alloc
2012-11-13 Jens Axboegenzipf: use regular array + qsort() instead of rbtree
2012-11-13 Jens AxboeJSON: fix escape of '"' and '\' characters
2012-11-11 Jens Axboegenzipf: add size and percentage hit rates
2012-11-11 Jens Axboezipf: use 64-bit safe hash for zipf/pareto
2012-11-09 Jens Axboegenzipf: more features
2012-11-08 Jens AxboeMakefile: 2nd go at making CC assignment/check actually...
2012-11-08 Jens AxboeUse more portable construct for setting/checking CC
2012-11-08 Jens AxboeUse ETIMEDOUT instead of ETIME for exceeding max latency
2012-11-08 Jens Axboezipf: kill debug "generating series" messages
2012-11-08 Jens Axboezipf: cap range calculation at 10M
2012-11-08 Jens AxboeZipf theta must be different than 1.0
2012-11-07 Jens Axboezipf: seed zipf/pareto rand with filename hash and...
2012-11-07 Jens Axboezipf: cleanup
2012-11-07 Jens Axboezipf/pareto: ensure that 0 isn't always the hottest...
2012-11-07 Jens AxboeAdd safe checks for valid pareto input value
2012-11-07 Jens AxboeMakefile: typo
2012-11-07 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-11-07 Jens Axboegenzipf: fix off-by-one in output array calculation
2012-11-07 Jens Axboegenzipf: improve accuracy
2012-11-07 Jens Axboerbtree: add rb_next()
2012-11-07 Jens Axboezipf/pareto: mix blocks with hashing
2012-11-07 Jens AxboeMake the zipf/pareto state per file
2012-11-06 Jens AxboeMove code around to satisfy t/stest linkage
2012-11-06 Jens AxboeFix t/ieee754 link
2012-11-06 Jens Axboegenzip updates
2012-11-06 Jens Axboet/genzipf update
2012-11-06 Jens AxboeAdd t/genzipf to play with distribution settings
2012-11-06 Jens Axboezipf: needs inttypes.h
2012-11-06 Jens AxboeAdd pareto distribution randomizer
2012-11-06 Jens AxboeAdd forgotten minmax.h include file
2012-11-06 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-11-06 Jens AxboeAdd sample zipf distribution randomizer
2012-11-02 Jens Axboesmalloc: move to size_t for allocations
2012-11-02 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-11-02 Jens Axboesmalloc: fix int truncation issue
2012-10-24 Jens AxboeAdd max_latency option
2012-10-24 Jens Axboerdma: cleanup and fixes
2012-10-24 Jens Axboerdma: fixup compile issue
2012-10-24 Jens Axboerdma: use private random state
2012-10-24 Yufei Renrdma ioengine improvement
2012-10-24 Yufei RenReplace FIO_HAVE_RUSAGE_THREAD with RUSAGE_THREAD
2012-10-23 Jens AxboeAdd LICENSE file specyfing what I expect from people...
2012-10-22 Jens Axboebackend: only check bytes_done for engines without...
2012-10-22 Yufei RenFine-grained job level numa control