2017-04-26 Tomohiro KusumiMake lib/strntol.c a stand-alone library
2017-04-26 Tomohiro KusumiDrop the only local variable declaration within a for...
2017-04-26 Tomohiro KusumiFix num2str() output when modulo != -1U
2017-04-26 Jens Axboestat: cleanup iops/bw logging functions
2017-04-26 Jens Axboestat: make next log time decision cleaner
2017-04-19 mychoxinReturn non-negtive error in order to print right error msg
2017-04-10 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'pull-2' of
2017-04-10 Sitsofe Wheelerdoc: add ftruncate engine documentation and example...
2017-04-08 Tomohiro KusumiFix num2str() output when maxlen <= strlen(tmp)
2017-04-08 Tomohiro KusumiMake lib/num2str.c a stand-alone library by adding...
2017-04-08 Tomohiro KusumiMake lib/memalign.c a stand-alone library
2017-04-08 Tomohiro KusumiMake lib/prio_tree.c a stand-alone library
2017-04-08 Tomohiro Kusumidump_td_info() doesn't really need to be a function
2017-04-08 Tomohiro KusumiDon't silently terminate td when no I/O performed due...
2017-04-08 Jens Axboebackend: include data direction in debug poisson rate...
2017-04-07 Jens AxboeSplit poisson rate control into read/write/trim
2017-04-07 Dmitry Monakhovengine: add ftruncate ioengine
2017-04-07 Dmitry Monakhovengine: e4defrag fix error reporting
2017-04-04 Jens AxboeFio 2.19 fio-2.19
2017-04-03 Jens Axboebackend: move freeing of td->mutex to main thread
2017-04-02 Jens Axboetime: use correct size type for usecs
2017-04-02 Chris Taylortime: fix overflow in timeval_add_msec()
2017-03-28 Tomohiro KusumiSeparate io_u from ioengine [3/3] - rename ioengine...
2017-03-28 Tomohiro KusumiSeparate io_u from ioengine [2/3] - move io_u functions
2017-03-28 Tomohiro KusumiSeparate io_u from ioengine [1/3] - add io_u.h
2017-03-28 Tomohiro KusumiDrop prototype of unused function td_io_sync()
2017-03-28 Tomohiro KusumiIgnore pre-read for character devices
2017-03-28 Tomohiro KusumiDon't proceed with error set when failed to pre-read...
2017-03-28 Tomohiro KusumiIgnore pre-read for FIO_NOIO td
2017-03-28 Tomohiro KusumiDrop redundant "ignore invalidate option" message from...
2017-03-28 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: Mention niche detail of range format options
2017-03-28 Tomohiro KusumiDon't malloc more than necessary on extending/prereadin...
2017-03-28 Tomohiro KusumiTest malloc result when allocation size is tunable
2017-03-28 Tomohiro KusumiFix return value of make_filename() when no filename_format
2017-03-21 Mike Frysingerconfigure: add a --disable-rdma flag to control rdma...
2017-03-21 Tomohiro KusumiTest fsync/fdatasync/sync_file_range for the next i...
2017-03-21 Tomohiro KusumiTest uint,int before division uint/int for the next i/o
2017-03-21 Tomohiro KusumiFix a comment after f227e2b6
2017-03-21 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: Mention fsync=/fsyncdata= are set to 0 by default
2017-03-21 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: Mention cpuload= is mandatory for cpuio
2017-03-21 Tomohiro KusumiDefine struct sk_out in server.h (not server.c)
2017-03-21 Tomohiro KusumiReplace redundant TD_F_NOIO flag with td->io_ops_init
2017-03-20 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'wip-fix-bs-title' of
2017-03-20 Pan Liumake the bs info output clearer.
2017-03-17 Jens Axboeis_power_of_2() should return bool
2017-03-17 Jens Axboeio_u: we don't need to set power_2 to false
2017-03-17 Pan Liufixed the error=invalid argument when the lower bound...
2017-03-16 Jens AxboeAdd 'stats' option
2017-03-16 Jens Axboefilesetup: remove bogus message on forcing file size
2017-03-14 Sitsofe Wheelerconfigure: add generic pshared mutex test
2017-03-13 Tomohiro KusumiConditionally enable FIO_HAVE_PSHARED_MUTEX on FreeBSD
2017-03-13 Tomohiro Kusumimanpage: Add URL links to HOWTO/README
2017-03-13 Tomohiro KusumiFix errval variable to be positive errno value
2017-03-13 Tomohiro KusumiUse ENOTSUP if OS doesn't support blkdev page cache...
2017-03-13 Tomohiro KusumiMinor fixup for page cache invalidation debug prints
2017-03-13 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: Add note/exception on allow_mounted_write=
2017-03-13 Tomohiro KusumiMake check_mount_writes() test appropriate device types
2017-03-13 Jens Axboerbd: don't log version to stdout
2017-03-13 Jens AxboeMakefile: make test target use thread
2017-03-12 Theodore Ts'oOnly enable arm64 CRC32 acceleration if the required...
2017-03-10 Tomohiro Kusumiconfigure: Make Cygwin take regular configure path
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiUse union for per file engine private data storage
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiDefine struct file_name as a file local structure
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: Add some details for invalidate=
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiMinor fixup for "Layint out IO file..." message
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiDon't set FIO_FILE_extend when create_on_open= option...
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiFix a function name typo in debug print
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiDrop fio_unused attribute from used variable
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiRemove unassigned fio_unused variable
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiDrop redundant td_rw(td) tests
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiExplicitly check td_trim(td) to detect open(2) flag
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiFixup for a minor 0 byte file size case
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiFix debug print format of file ->file_name
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiAvoid irrelevant "offset extend ends" error message...
2017-03-10 Tomohiro Kusumiconfigure: Align help messages
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: Add platforms without fdatasync(2)
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiAdd runtime handlers for 97900ebf for FreeBSD/DragonFlyBSD
2017-03-08 Jens Axboeverify: add support for the sha3 variants
2017-03-08 Jens Axboecrc: add support for sha3 variants
2017-03-07 Jens Axboeio_u: don't add slat samples if we are in ramp time
2017-02-24 Sitsofe Wheelerfio: fix overflow trying to use 'd' suffix
2017-02-23 Jens AxboeFio 2.18 fio-2.18
2017-02-22 Jens Axboeconfigure: disable compile time asserts for !opt and...
2017-02-22 Jens Axboeinit: use 'bool' for get_new_job()
2017-02-21 Jens Axboeinit: exit on failure to add all jobs
2017-02-20 Sitsofe Wheelerappveyor: add CI building of the Windows version of fio
2017-02-20 Tomohiro KusumiRevert "configure: Drop default CONFIG_LITTLE_ENDIAN...
2017-02-20 Tomohiro KusumiSilence Cygwin warning "'vsprintf_s' redeclared without...
2017-02-20 Tomohiro KusumiRemove irrelevant Cygwin config flag CONFIG_FADVISE
2017-02-20 Tomohiro KusumiAdd details of file number/size related options to...
2017-02-20 Tomohiro KusumiAvoid irrelevant "offset extend ends" error message
2017-02-20 Tomohiro KusumiRename thread_options' ->io_limit to io_size
2017-02-17 Jens AxboeRevert "Always set ->real_file_size to -1 when failed...
2017-02-16 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'travis_osx' of
2017-02-16 Sitsofe Wheelertravis: add OS X builds
2017-02-16 Sitsofe Wheelertravis: prepare for additional builds
2017-02-16 Sitsofe Wheelertravis: run parallel make jobs
2017-02-16 Sitsofe WheelerMakefile: add test using the null ioengine
2017-02-15 Tomohiro KusumiExplicitly check td_trim(td) for the direction of next...
2017-02-15 Tomohiro KusumiDrop obsolete comment on a race condition