doc: provide some documentation for the json output format
[fio.git] / HOWTO
2017-09-13 Vincent Fudoc: provide some documentation for the json output...
2017-09-13 Vincent Fudoc: provide more detail regarding the --status-interva...
2017-09-11 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'verify_trigger' of
2017-09-02 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'shifted_logging' of
2017-08-31 Tomohiro Kusumiskeleton: add option example
2017-08-31 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'verify_warn' of
2017-08-29 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'asmfix' of
2017-08-29 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: add OpenBSD to direct I/O unsupported platform
2017-08-27 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'doc_runtime' of
2017-08-18 Sitsofe Wheelerdoc: remove '--runtime' command line option
2017-08-17 Vincent Fudoc: latency log unit is nsec
2017-08-16 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: fix wrong kb_base= description
2017-08-14 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: minor fixes and backports from man page
2017-08-14 Vincent FuHOWTO: update and clarify description of latencies...
2017-08-14 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'ci' of
2017-08-14 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'serialize_overlap' of https://github...
2017-08-14 Sitsofe Wheelerfio: add serialize_overlap option
2017-08-09 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: fix unit type suffix in "Parameter types" sectio...
2017-08-07 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'fio-jsonplus-patches' of https://github...
2017-08-07 Vincent FuHOWTO: add section providing details about json+ output...
2017-08-07 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: use proper (or drop wrong usage of) option type...
2017-08-07 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: fix unit type suffix in "Parameter types" section
2017-08-01 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: minor fix and backport from man page
2017-08-01 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: fix wrong "here follows the complete list of...
2017-08-01 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: fix wrong description of trim_backlog=
2017-07-27 Stephen Batespvsync2: Add hipri_percentage option
2017-07-27 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'minor_fixes' of
2017-07-27 Sitsofe Wheelerdoc: minor grammar fixes
2017-07-27 Sitsofe Wheelerdoc: add block size to log file format
2017-07-27 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: remove unnecessary escaping
2017-07-25 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: add missing [netsplice] for ioengine specific...
2017-07-25 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: fix "should be to to"
2017-07-13 Jens AxboeUpdate documentation for write_hint
2017-07-04 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: fix indentation for options and job parameters
2017-07-04 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: minor backports from the man page
2017-07-03 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'fallocate_native' of
2017-07-03 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: indent v3 terse output definition
2017-07-03 Sitsofe Wheelerfilesetup: add native fallocate
2017-06-28 Sitsofe Wheelerfio: make gauss a duplicate of normal for file_service_type
2017-06-28 Sitsofe Wheelerdoc: fix random_distribution Gaussian parameter name
2017-06-28 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO/manpage: update percentage explanation using '%'
2017-06-27 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: add offset unit info for offset= option
2017-06-27 Ido Ben-TsionHOWTO: fix the v3 terse output definition
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: note that crc32c will automatically use hw
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO/examples: fix writetrim "typo"
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: modernize output examples and descriptions
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: Reword Log File Formats and add reference
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: reword iodepth and submit distribution text
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: reorder client/server phrasing
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: add some markup
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: add rate example
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: add --output-format=terse as another way to...
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: reword HDFS description
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: make filesize syntax show it can take a typed...
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: Fix some capitalisation
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: description rewording/fixes
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: minor internal/reordering/formatting changes
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: general consistency
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: update command line option descriptions
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: update directory and filename option descriptions
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: update time specification
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: escape =
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: grammar/spelling changes
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: state default time unit
2017-06-26 Sitsofe WheelerHOWTO: add defaults
2017-06-23 Andreas Herrmannstat: Add iops stat and sample number information to...
2017-06-22 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'nsec'
2017-06-22 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'nanosecond-2stage' of https://github...
2017-06-21 Vincent Funanosecond: reconcile terse output with nanosecond...
2017-06-08 Stephen Batespattern: Add support for files in buffer_pattern argument.
2017-06-07 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: mention some details of ignore_error= option
2017-06-05 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'more-minimal-info-in-docs' of https:...
2017-06-05 Ian ChakeresAdded information about minimal output to documentation
2017-06-05 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'master' of
2017-06-05 Brantley Westallow a percent value for the offset parameter
2017-05-26 Tomohiro Kusumiverify: mention some default option values
2017-05-22 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'bugfix' of
2017-05-22 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'android_cgroup' of
2017-05-22 Jens AxboeFix typo in man page / HOWTO for block size defaults
2017-05-03 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'wip-remove-disconnect' of https://github...
2017-04-26 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'gpudirect' of
2017-04-26 Yufei RenGPUDirect RDMA support
2017-04-10 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'pull-2' of
2017-04-10 Sitsofe Wheelerdoc: add ftruncate engine documentation and example...
2017-03-28 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: Mention niche detail of range format options
2017-03-21 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: Mention fsync=/fsyncdata= are set to 0 by default
2017-03-21 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: Mention cpuload= is mandatory for cpuio
2017-03-16 Jens AxboeAdd 'stats' option
2017-03-13 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: Add note/exception on allow_mounted_write=
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: Add some details for invalidate=
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiFixup for a minor 0 byte file size case
2017-03-10 Tomohiro KusumiHOWTO: Add platforms without fdatasync(2)
2017-03-08 Jens Axboeverify: add support for the sha3 variants
2017-02-20 Tomohiro KusumiAdd details of file number/size related options to...
2017-02-04 Sitsofe Wheelerdoc: minor HOWTO fixes
2017-01-30 Sitsofe Wheelerdoc: document profiles, minor fixes
2017-01-27 Sitsofe Wheelerdoc: minor consistency and spelling changes
2017-01-27 Sitsofe Wheelerdoc: minor documentation changes
2017-01-18 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'sphinx-doc' of
2017-01-18 Mikhail TerekhovRevert README and HOWTO files renaming.