BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
latency-probetarget: fixesJens Axboe11 months
masterMerge branch 'fio_reset_sqe' of Axboe3 days
fio-3.15commit 01bf5128d0...Jens Axboe2 months
fio-3.14commit a7760ecdb1...Jens Axboe4 months
fio-3.13commit 370f38977a...Jens Axboe7 months
fio-3.12commit 16500b5a0b...Jens Axboe10 months
fio-3.11commit 8772acb043...Jens Axboe11 months
fio-3.10commit bf74b27eed...Jens Axboe12 months
fio-3.9commit bb661c4027...Jens Axboe12 months
fio-3.8commit bfd986752a...Jens Axboe14 months
fio-3.7commit c397ab3aac...Jens Axboe16 months
fio-3.6commit c5477c6a3b...Jens Axboe17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysMerge branch 'fio_reset_sqe' of Axboe
3 daysengines/io_uring: Fully clear out previous SQE contents.Andres Freund
4 daysMerge branch 'ioring_add_sync_file_range' of Axboe
4 daysMerge branch 'fix_iouring_eintr' of Axboe
4 daysengines/io_uring: Add support for sync_file_range.Andres Freund
4 daysengines/io_uring: Handle EINTR.Andres Freund
4 daysengines/io_uring: fix crash with registerfiles=1Jens Axboe
5 daysfilesetup: honor the offset optionVincent Fu
5 daysdoc: clarify what --alloc-size doesVincent Fu
11 daysengines/io_uring: use its own option groupJens Axboe