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[PATCH] fio: expand latency numbers for sync io.
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@@ -118,6 +118,8 @@ Threads now running: 2 : [ww] [5.73% done]
The characters inside the square brackets denote the current status of
each thread. The possible values (in typical life cycle order) are:
+Idle Run
+---- ---
P Thread setup, but not started.
C Thread created and running, but not doing anything yet
R Running, doing sequential reads.
@@ -151,9 +153,13 @@ bw= Average bandwidth rate
runt= The runtime of that thread
slat= Submission latency (avg being the average, dev being the
standard deviation). This is the time it took to submit
- the io.
+ the io. For sync io, the slat is really the completion
+ latency, since queue/complete is one operation there.
clat= Completion latency. Same names as slat, this denotes the
- time from submission to completion of the io pieces.
+ time from submission to completion of the io pieces. For
+ sync io, clat will usually be equal (or very close) to 0,
+ as the time from submit to complete is basically just
+ CPU time (io has already been done, see slat explanation).
bw= Bandwidth. Same names as the xlat stats, but also includes
an approximate percentage of total aggregate bandwidth
this thread received in this group. This last value is