descriptionfio - Flexible IO Tester
ownerJens Axboe
last changeTue, 30 Jun 2015 21:31:50 +0000 (15:31 -0600)
8 hours ago Jens Axboesmalloc: fix unused 'int_mask' warning if redzoning... master
27 hours ago Jens Axboeconfigure: fixup clang stupidity
28 hours ago Jens Axboet/stest: shrink test size from 128MB
35 hours ago Jens AxboeKill duplicate __sync_fetch_and_add()
35 hours ago Alireza HaghdoostUse _Static_assert() if available
38 hours ago Jens Axboeworkqueue: make it work on platforms without __sync_fet...
5 days ago Jens AxboeFio 2.2.9 fio-2.2.9
5 days ago Akinobu MitaFix testing and setting set_options bitmap
7 days ago Logan GunthorpeModify rdma engine to use proper arguments.
8 days ago Christopher... add eta and elapsed to root of json output
10 days ago Jens AxboeFix latency logging for io_submit_mode=offload
2015-06-16 Chris WorleyHOWTO: make it clear that deviation is standard deviation
2015-06-12 Tomohiro KusumiEnable FIO_HAVE_CHARDEV_SIZE on DragonFlyBSD
2015-06-11 Tomohiro KusumiRename get_fs_size() to get_fs_free_size()
2015-06-11 Tomohiro KusumiAdd get_fs_size() support for BSDs
2015-06-10 Tomohiro KusumiAdd header include for DragonFlyBSD
5 days ago fio-2.2.9 fio v2.2.9
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2 months ago fio-2.2.7 fio v2.2.7
4 months ago fio-2.2.6 fio v2.2.6
5 months ago fio-2.2.5 fio v2.2.5
5 months ago fio-2.2.4 fio v2.2.4
6 months ago fio-2.2.3 fio v2.2.3
6 months ago fio-2.2.2 fio v2.2.2
6 months ago fio-2.2.1 fio v2.2.1
6 months ago fio-2.2.0 fio v2.2.0
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11 months ago fio-2.1.11 fio v2.1.11
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